(WTRF) – Tuesday isn’t just the first day of November, it’s also an important day if you’re looking for health insurance. 

November 1 is the start of the 10th annual open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act. 

West Virginia Navigator is a free, grant funded program that helps people in the Mountain State get coverage on the marketplace. 

Last year, WV Navigator said a record number of people found healthcare through the ACA marketplace. In the Mountain State, that meant more than nine in 10 people.

WV Navigator receives grant funding to provide West Virginians with assisted, health insurance coverage

They explained there are some changes this year that make healthcare coverage more accessible. 

A new federal rule increases eligibility.

Even if people have checked into marketplace plans on healthcare.gov in the past, they really need to look again this year because the rates are more affordable and the eligibility has expanded. So, we’re really excited about these changes and we hope people sign up before the deadline.

Jeremy Smith, Program Director, WV Navigator

The Inflation Reduction Act created more subsidies to help pay for plans through the marketplace.

Jeremy Smith, Program Director, WV Navigator

Plus, there’s a fix to what became known as the “family glitch”. 

If you were married to somebody and your spouse’s employer offered you health insurance, it didn’t matter what the cost would be. It could be an extremely unaffordable offer of coverage, but that blocked you from getting insurance on the marketplace.

Jeremy Smith, Program Director, WV Navigator

Smith explained that there’s now an affordability test. If the offer of coverage is more than 9.2% of a family’s income, they can opt out and shop on the marketplace for a health insurance plan.

Open enrollment continues until January 15th of 2023. 

If you have questions, you can reach West Virginia Navigator by calling  304-356-5834 or at acanavigator.com.

To start shopping for healthcare on the marketplace, visit healthcare.gov.