WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – A brain disease that’s rocked the football world for years has just been discovered in another pro sport.

Former Major League Soccer player Scott Vermillion has been confirmed to have had CTE prior to his death in 2020.

The degenerative condition is linked to repeated blows to the head, and has been diagnosed in more than 100 NFL players.

It’s usually associated with collision sports, like hockey or boxing.

But a Wheeling law firm says athletics of all different kinds will now have to be on alert.

This type of disease and condition is not necessarily limited to those specific sports. As a parent, or as a player, or as a league, I think it kind of puts everyone on notice and it makes them aware that this condition is something that we need to be cognizant of so that we can take appropriate action.

Clayton Fitzsimmons, Attorney, Fitzsimmons Law Firm

Fitzsimmons says the soccer players’ association is already evaluating their substitution rules.

He believes the reaction to CTE will even filter down to youth sports, where parents and players may have to consider the risks going forward.