Glen Dale, W.Va. (WTRF) – Check a box, save dozens of lives.

That’s what the Center for Organ Recovery and Education is saying with their new flag over Reynolds Memorial Hospital.

They told those gathered at Reynolds how 100 thousand people in the US are awaiting an organ, tissue or cornea—and how thousands more are eligible to give it to them.

Volunteer and advocate Jody Miller told the story of her daughter Heather, who saved more than 50 people through donation following her tragic death—and how her legacy lives on 14 years later.

And I wanted to be involved, and just get the word out there, the importance of people marking that box to be a registered donor. Because so many good things can come out of horrific situations like ours.

Jody Miller, Heather Miller’s mother

CORE says registering to be a donor will help others and even your own family—and we all hope others would do it for us.

No matter your age or medical condition, you could still give to those who desperately need it.

You don’t even have to sign up online or by phone—it’s as simple as checking ‘yes’ when you renew your driver’s license.