WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Shawn Maguire of Wheeling had been doing some yard work.

I had this little spot on my arm. My wife looked at it. It had a bullseye on it.

Shawn Maguire, WTRF Account Executive

They went straight to the doctor. It was Lyme Disease. After two rounds of antibiotics, Shawn felt better.

For some people, that’s the end of it; but for others like Shawn, there are periodic flare-ups when everything hurts.

All the way down to the bone aches, muscle ache, joint aches. All the major flu symptoms.

Shawn Maguire, WTRF Account Executive

He said it was the worst year of his life, but he researched and learned that knowledge is key.

You want to do a blot test. Your doctors are there to help you. Just request it. Demand it. It’s not worth going a whole year trying to figure out why you’re bedridden.

Shawn Maguire, WTRF Account Executive

Shawn now takes vitamins, anti-inflammatories and homeopathic medicines. He also gets plenty of rest and avoids stress.

Shawn’s case is not rare.

In Ohio County, Lyme Disease is surprisingly prevalent.

Lyme Disease is a big problem in our area. It’s becoming a bigger problem in the next several years. It has become more prevalent from the time when I first started in public health.

Howard Gamble, Ohio County Health Administrator

There is no vaccine to prevent Lyme Disease in people, but there are preventive measures to take.

One is to check our body after we’ve been outside. We’ve got to wear some long pants, long sleeves when it’s feasible, to keep ticks off our skin. And we need to apply a repellent.

Howard Gamble, Ohio County Health Administrator

Shawn said he now understands the meaning of the saying ‘I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.’

Now, two years out, he has many more good days than bad.