CADIZ, Ohio (WTRF) – We can’t get through this without each other.

We hear that phrase a lot, but it’s especially true for the teams working inside the Ohio Valley’s hospitals. When time are hard, patient numbers are up, or they’re feeling tired they learn on each other.

That’s true at Harrison Community Hospital.

When 7News asked Randi to describe her job, she said it’s her responsibility to keep everyone in the hospital safe. 

Not only that, but she stepped into a new role as Quality Management Infection Control Coordinator at Harrison Community Hospital just months before COVID-19 came to the area. That’s a lot to handle, but Randi said she’s always promised to do everything in her power to take care of her co-workers the moment she took the job.

 Ultimately my goal is to make everybody feel safe, everybody to feel safe and everybody to get the care that they need.

Randi Peck, RN, Quality Management Infection Control Coordinator

From providing PPE to screening patients and visitors, Randi is always there for the team at Harrison Community Hospital. 

I’ve always put others before myself. I always want everybody to receive the kind of care that I would want to receive in the hospital or if I was sick. So, I go everyday. I go in early. I stay late. When this first started I was spending up to 21 hours a day in the hospital. 

Randi Peck, RN, Quality Management Infection Control Coordinator

No matter what time of day, the staff can depend on Randi.

We’re so thankful that she was the one that was bringing us through this pandemic.  She took it by the horns getting things going. We would have been lost without her.

Pam Parrish, Social Worker

She has worked tireless through this whole entire pandemic. We are just fortunate and blessed to have her out here to help us through this time.

Erika Scarpone, Interim Director of Nursing

She’s happy to do it, because for Randi her coworkers have become a second family. 

Sometimes I spend more hours with them than I do my actual family. I love each and every one of them and I’m so thankful for each and every one of them.

Randi Peck, RN, Quality Management Infection Control Coordinator

Randi’s very caring. She was made to be a nurse. She’s really stepped up to the plate and taken things to a higher level. I mean, I think everyone that works here feels confident in the decisions that she makes.

Pam Parrish, Social Worker

I’m just so proud of all the people that I work with. They jumped right in. They understood hey this is a once in a lifetime hopefully experience. We’re hopefully never going to see this again.

Erika Scarpone, Interim Director of Nursing

When times are tough, Randi pushes though because of her patients. 

That’s what keeps me going. I know that they need me and I need them.

Randi Peck, RN, Quality Management Infection Control Coordinator

And her family. Being a mom to her four teenagers and working in healthcare go hand in hand. 

I’ve always taught them that anything worth having is worth working for.

Randi Peck, RN, Quality Management Infection Control Coordinator

As Randi says; you have to care, have to want to be there, and you take on the responsibility for someone besides yourself. 

Thank you to Randi, Erika, Pam and the entire staff at Harrison Community Hospital for caring for the Ohio Valley. 

All this month, WTRF has teamed up with Belmont Savings Bank to thank Hometown Healthcare Heroes just like these. We’re collecting donations that will be used to send meals and gift cards to staff at our area’s hospitals. If you’d like to help, click here.

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