NEW MARTINSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) – Doctors, nurses, lab technicians, housekeeping,  cafeteria staff, administration, it’s taken many departments dealing with constant adjustments to keep healthcare running smoothly this past year. 

Often staff are covering for other departments in a hospital, all to make sure each patient gets the care they need. 

It’s not one employee, it’s all of them.

WVU Medicine Wetzel County Hospital said it couldn’t pick just one Hometown Healthcare Hero, because it would be like trying to pick a favorite member of a family. You can’t do it.

It’s a smaller hospital, and it’s taken each and every person working there to provide the best care possible during the year of COVID.

Born and raised, they go to school here. Their kids go to school here. That’s why they’re here at Wetzel County. We’re a family hospital and our patients are our families.

Shannon Smith, Director of Nursing

They’re here because they’re family. And they’ve always treated patients that way, especially now. 

It’s just been a difficult time, but I think we’re doing a good job with taking care of our patients here locally.

Shannon Smith, Director of Nursing

They took on extra shifts, changed departments, and learned new jobs.

Every department in the hospital has been effected by this.

Shannon Smith, Director of Nursing

During the early stages of the pandemic we had people working in other departments, just doing whatever we need to do to keep things afloat.

Pam Bowers, Radiology Manager

It’s been scary. Even though the hospital says cases were a bit lower in the area there were still risks. 

Our team not only does the testing behind the scenes, but we also go into the rooms and collect samples.

April Norris, Lab Manager

These Hometown Healthcare Heroes may have been worried about their family outside of the hospital, but had to put that aside to be family to their patients when none could visit.

The isolation that people are feeling at home, patients are definitely feeling here at the hospital as well. We have more of an emotional responsibility with the patients now.

Pam Bowers, Radiology Manager

The patients are here and they’re sick and they’re calling their family on the phone. We have an elderly population so a lot of our patients, they don’t have the cell phones and they can’t Facetime and do all this other stuff.

Shannon Smith, Director of Nursing

It’s been a challenging year of seemingly endless testing, sickness and safety precautions, but now they see hope.

A couple of months ago I thought there’s no way that this is ever going to end, but in the last few weeks like I see it. I and I feel like the whole staff seems like they’re more positive about it. 

April Norris, Lab Manager

Thank you to Shannon, Pam, April and the entire staff at WVU Medicine Wetzel County Hospital for the work they do. 

There are only a few days left if you would like to donate to our Hometown Healthcare Heroes. WTRF and Belmont Savings Bank have partnered up and will use those donations to send food and gift cards to the staff at our area hospitals.

To donate, click here or visit the drive-thru at any Belmont Savings Bank Location.