The Shenandoah Zeps are returning one of the largest senior classes they’ve had in a while with about 15 seniors on the football team.

We have a good team. We have that’s actually something we’ve been preaching over the years is the team over the eye kind of stuff and being selfless and I think our kids are really responding to it.

Jesse Wells/ Shenandoah Head Football Coach

The Zeps are stacked offensively.

We are going to be a versatile offense and running a bunch of different formations, kind of like what we’ve done in the past and we’re going to continue what we’ve been doing

Jesse Wells/ Shenandoah Head Football Coach

On offense, the Zeps have senior QB, Tanner Devold and Dayton Hill battling for the starting position.

Senior tailback and first time Ohio athlete Bryer Portman is a standout on the roster.

At Tight End, the Zeps boast senior Wyatt Miley.

Along with senior running back, Cade Dennis who also plays safety on defense.

Also on defense, Shenandoah boasts senior Baylor Wentworth at corner.

We are actually going to change our defensive look this year. We were a 4-3 team the first five years I’ve been here and this year we are going to be a 3-4 team so we are going to look a little different on defense this year

Jesse Wells/ Shenandoah Head Football Coach

As for the line, junior Xavier Hannas is a beast, along with seniors Dakota Hoover, William Langley, and Chandler Warner. Gage Dimmerling is also a junior to watch out for.

The Zeps have one goal this year.

To build off of last season. Last season we were a playoff team and we want to do that again and try to win that elusive playoff game.

Jesse Wells/ Shenandoah Head Football Coach

The Zeps kick off their season on Friday, August 28th at home against Malvern.