Wellsburg, WV. (WTRF) – Brooke was heavily impacted by injuries in 2020 and was only able to total a single win.

“We’re going to have to fill a lot of spots. We spent last year filling a lot of spots because of the injury bug that hit us but we’re going to have a lot of new faces in green and gold,” Head Coach Mac McLean said.

According to McLean this is the first time in a while that there is some parody at the quarterback position.

“For the first time in a long time we got a real competition going on in practice. You know, we have Logan Gashler who was our number 2 last year and Braylon Sperringer who was our leading receiver as a Freshman last year and, you know, right now its still a toss up,” McLean said.

While the Bruins want to notch more wins in 2021, it has to make up for lost time in the off season.

“The off season presented a lot of challenges being in and out of school and some kids not being in school (and) being virtual last year, it made the winter really difficult. It was difficult for everybody. You know, you’re going to complain about last year. A lot of people had problems last year. As the Spring came along (and) as we are back in school full time, you know, the off season participation started to build up a little bit and you know, this summer, as a head coach it can always be better but it was pretty good,” McLean said.

Brooke’s season opener is against Ripley.