Caldwell went 11-2 last season with a playoff run mixed in, but this year’s group has even higher aspirations.

“Our skills that were maybe an inch behind last year, are 2 inches better this year.”

Chance Rucker

When it comes to skill, the Redskins are fortunate to have Quarterback Cole Bender back. After building the offense around him the past few years, Rucker is excited to see him flourish in it again alongside returning receivers Alex Herlan, Dylan Wheeler, and Ethan Crock, with Gavin Leak at running back.

Up front, they’ll bring back starters like Jace Norman, Wyatt Freeman, and Easton DePay, and when Rucker looks at his offense, he loves where their heads are at.

“They love the weightroom, they just love working, they were asking me I think back in march if they could get on the field and throw routes and I was like ehhh lets finish up your spring sports first and everything.”

Chance Rucker

On the other side of the ball, it all starts with Caldwell’s secondary which has developed a strong chemistry from playing together for what will now be 3 years. The defense also features Ethan Crock at defensive end and D-Tackle Jace Norman who coming off an injury will have something to prove

“He didn’t get to pretty much go down with the ship with his guys so he’s been ultra hard and focused on these guys picking everybody up when they’re down and just keeping them in shape.”

Chance Rucker

With just a little over 30 guys on the roster, Rucker has trust in his seniors to lead the way this season.

“The weight’s going to be pretty heavy on them, their going to have to police themselves, I tell them this is our coaches program but this is your team so however you’re going to do it it’s up to you.”

Chance Rucker

The Redskins open their season August 18th at home versus Buckeye Trail