(WTRF) — Another year older another year wiser for the Cameron Dragons, who already finished with a winning 4-3 record last season.

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“We’re really excited about our offensive line and our defensive line. We graduated two guys that started offensively so they’re all back so that’s always a great place to start. We have a quarterback that did a great job a great job as a Freshman last year. He’s coming back as a sophomore; Colson Wisterman. Then, our running back who used to be a receiver for us; Ike Ball, a very good receiver but we moved him to running back and the last couple games of the year he accumulated a lot of yardage and did a lot of damage so we found out he was doing a great job.”

Tim Brown, Cameron Head Coach

Something novel about this year’s Dragons campaign is they’ll have a brand new turf field to protect. The school’s new athletic complex was unveiled this summer.

“Obviously, we’re standing here today in the rain. Previously if it rained this much we wouldn’t even be able to get on the field. It would be too muddy. We’d have to be in a gymnasium So, that alone, just giving you field time. You know, the actual space has just been great (in) the new field house; we obviously got a lot of room and air conditioned so in that heat so it’s a nice place to be and everything here is contained in the school now.”

Tim Brown, Cameron Head Coach

Of course for any team that’s looking to improve, it’s important to find what areas may still need to grow as well.

“We’ve got a few young guys that are stepping in at the linebacker position. So, we’re expecting them to have a learning curve a little quicker than maybe they want but again we’ve got a lot of guys that have played for us the last couple of years. So, honestly, it’s just about learning to play with each other as a group and as a team and the communication has been getting better everyday at practice so we’re real excited about that.”

Tim Brown, Cameron Head Coach

Cameron’s opener is against West Greene.