Following Mark Holenka’s decision to resign, long time assistant and former Tiger Mike Kernik was tabbed as interim head coach.

While the Tigers graduated a lot of talent, they do return a number of players who will play a key role for this teams offense.

Mike Kernik said, “We’re primarily a spread team right, primarily going to be the ball carrier he’s back from last year. Benny Wach is back at quarterback; he played most of the year last year so those are going to be the two is back at receiver tight end another one of the big leaders on offense. Grant Miller back at receiver and then you have the two Booth brothers and receiver also. Also going to play running back split out receiver is Karl Tsoras who’s going to be a big help this year too.”

Upfront look for Tony Forgacs, William Robinson and Colton Gorby and Josh Harris on the offensive and defensive line. You’ll see most of these players on both.

” All of these guys are going to play multiple positions they are going to get moved around a lot we are going to ask them to do a lot of things and play hard,” said Kernick.

Brock is a defensive end; the linebackers are Osman, Miller, Nathan and Dillon Booth, Tsoras and Gorby and Wach, defensive backfield. The Tigers open their season on the August 19 at Martins Ferry.