After Coach Arno left the program in early-august, Madonna’s new offensive coordinator Troy Fetty received a big promotion

“My main goal in life was to be a head football coach, it wasn’t the best way for it to happen, but it happened and I’m going to run full-full boar with it.”

Troy Fetty

While he’s not complaining, the timing of the situation may lead to some gray hairs.

“It’s a little hectic, trying to cram a whole season as a head coach you have a lot of things going on, uh the football part has been very easy the kids have taken the transition very well.”

Troy Fetty

Commanding his huddle this year will be senior Chase Littleton who transitioned this off-season from wide receiver to signal caller. He’ll share the backfield with runningback Luca Muzzi, and spread the ball around to Kolten Griskavich, Andre Crossland, Johnah McKay, and KJ Ward.

Up front, the Dons bring back 3 starters, Logan Brown, Marquis Parker, and Dominik Maple.

On defense, it’ll be those same guys, as the coach sees his entire roster playing both ways on account of their 19-man roster.

“I’ve been doing it ever since I been at Madonna we never had too many guys for football but i like doing it i like being on the field every snap.”

Chase Littleton

Now they originally came into camp with 15 guys, but have grown their army thanks in large part to a methodical recruiting strategy.

“Like a week ago I was texting every kid, every boy in our school like the whole morning just to get kids to come out and play, begging them, but it’s been fun and i really like the team we have right now so I think were going to have a good year.”

Chase Littleton

The Dons kick off their schedule on the road at Wellsville, Friday August 25th