Hispanic Heritage Month: Lulu’s Mexican tostadas

Hispanic Heritage Month


Lulu Walker grew up in Mexico.

Lulu’s taking us inside her kitchen where she’s making her favorite dish that takes her back to where she grew up in Mexico.

“We have a lot of Hispanic food, like tortillas, tacos, tamales, that are very famous and a variety that would never end…. to learn how to cook and to learn how eat it,” Walker said.

But not everyone makes their Tostadas quite like how Lulu does.

“It’s very easy to make because you have all the fresh things there,” she explained.

Tostadas, meat, beans, mayo, lettuce, veggies — plus some tomatoes, avocados, radish, cucumber, and a couple sauces then a lot of cotija mexican cheese or parmesan– are all you need.

You won’t even have a lot to cook… just the meat.

Lulu Walker is using pork… but it could be whatever you want … chicken, beef, lamb, or even seafood.

Just put the meat of your choosing in a crock pot — throw in garlic, sage, herbs, pepper, salt, and in for , at least, five hours, it’ll be ready to go.

It won’t require a lot of attention… Just leave it on simmer.

Next — you’ll have your special sauces that go with it.

“This is a special sauce that, in Mexico, you put on the sauce and make the Tostadas softer,” she said.

One is the special sauce — that you throw tomato, garlic, and oregano… With a little salt and a pinch of sugar — together and boil them.

Lulu also prepares jalapeno pepper, carrots, onion with vinegar and olive oil in it — also with some herbs.

You also have Tapatio sauce that can be store bought.

When — once you have everything out and the black beans — that are boiled with garlic and onion — you can build your tostada.

“In a half hour, you can chop everything and you have your tostada.”

First — you spread the beans on the tostada — but not too much.

The mayo then goes on, the meat, a lot of lettuce — next you throw on the tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, avocado, onion, the special sauce, parmesan cheese, and Tapatio sauce — to top it off.

And there you have it — your very own tostada.

“I would like to invite everybody, but if not possible, you can make it at your house, and make it and enjoy it. God bless this food,” said Walker.

Lulu just suggests that before you even build your tostada all your ingredients should be at room temperature.

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