JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – Let’s head to high school and meet “Hometown Hero” Mr. Matt Shreve.

He was nominated from Indian Creek High School for what his students call his amazing teaching style and dedication.

Mr. Shreve said he tries to pass the skills he learned from his best teachers on to his students.

Let’s be good thinkers. Let’s make good decisions. Those are ultimately what lead to success, not so much the Spanish American War. So, if a set the standard pretty high and the curriculum pretty hard, they are going to have to use good habits, and good skills to master that.

Matt Shreve, American History Teacher, Indian Creek High School

He doesn’t want to be their favorite teacher, but Mr. Shreve does want to be the teacher they remember many years after leaving his classroom.

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He always cares he cares most about if we succeed and he always puts us first. He really cares about his job and stuff and helps us be better.

Salvatore Barcalo, Freshman

As a wrestling coach, he’s also there for his students on and off the mat.

“He helps us grow as a person and grow a student makes sure we succeed and he’s always there. “

Landon Hagerty, Freshman

Teaching them valuable life skills that go beyond the classroom walls.

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The words he repeats are written on the white board as a constant reminder.

He not only affects us in the classroom but the habits he teaches us during school and during class like helps us grow as people outside the classroom as well.

Allison Rawson, Freshman

He taught us that showing up is the bare minimum and what you do on your own time is what makes you better.

Taylor See, Freshman

Principal Louie Retton nominated Mr. Shreve and said he practices what he teaches and he’s a leader in the school.

He always takes the positive approach to Indian Creek high school and our students. Our students know they can count on him they can count on him and administrators know they can count on him and other teachers know they can count on him and our parents know they can count on him. That’s what makes him great.

Louie Retton, Principal, Indian Creek High School

The things we do here that’s possible is because of our administrators. They believe in us they let us do what we feel is best and they’re there to help us if we need it. it’s actually a really great place to work.

Matt Shreve, American History Teacher, Indian Creek High School

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