WELLSBURG, W.Va. (WTRF) – Each day they are tasked with teaching our kids. The classroom environment has changed quite a bit over the last few years and our teachers have to adapt while making sure their students don’t fall behind. 

Our teachers are Hometown Heroes. 

That’s why this month WTRF and Belmont Savings Bank are honoring some special teachers, chosen by their school systems, for the outstanding work that they do. 

We start in Brooke County, inside the Kindergarten classroom of Ms. Amanda DiMarzio. 

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I love helping students. I love working with families and the community and it’s something that I’ve known from a very young age that I’ve wanted to do.

Amanda DiMarzio, Kindergarten Teacher, Brooke Primary South

It’s time for a day in Kindergarten at Brooke Primary South. 

The bright colored walls, handmade artwork and countless activity spaces are all the learning creations of Amanda DiMarzio. 

It doesn’t matter what, she does she’s all in. 100% all in. She’s in the building all the time. Everything in her room, it’s about her kids. She’s just all in 100% and that’s what I love about her.

Michalene Mills, Principal, Brooke Primary South

Ms. DiMarzio is all-in when it comes to her love of elementary education and dedication to her students. 

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She’s been teaching for 16 years and been a staple at Brooke Primary South for the last decade. While she’s taught at other grade levels, the Kindergarteners are her true passion.

They’re so honest and they’re so impressionable and they just want to learn and the want to please and you can take them to the moon and back.

Amanda DiMarzio, Kindergarten Teacher, Brooke Primary South

Which, she has in an imaginative way!

Sometimes we get to go to outer space!

Cheyenne Smith, Kindergarten Student

Inside this class the learning labs are Ms. DiMarzio’s specialty. She believes students learn by doing. Twice a day her students split into the learning labs. In the afternoon, there’s a theme. For example, right now it’s communication.

So, they have a post office they can play in. They practice writing letters to family members and actually mailing them out.

Amanda DiMarzio, Kindergarten Teacher, Brooke Primary South

Her bond with her students goes beyond their formative Kindergarten year. 

She’s nice, she’s silly and she’s pretty.

Cheyenne Smith, Kindergarten Student

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By the end of Kindergarten it’s amazing. They can read. They can write. They can cut. They can color. I mean, these are things that when they walked in they couldn’t do. I’ve seen the most growth teaching this age group.

Amanda DiMarzio, Kindergarten Teacher, Brooke Primary South

In her years of teaching she said her classroom has come full circle. 

You do form bonds with these kids and they don’t leave your classroom. I call them my homeroom babies and they always will be.

Amanda DiMarzio, Kindergarten Teacher, Brooke Primary South

Ms. DiMarzio now educates the children of her former students, trying to instill in them the same love of learning. 

Feel loved. That’s my main thing because nothing else will get done without being loved and accepted at the center of your classroom.

Amanda DiMarzio, Kindergarten Teacher, Brooke Primary South

Ms. DiMarzio was also named Teacher of the Year for Brooke County Schools this year, which is another testament to her outstanding love of learning and of her class.

Outside of school, Ms. Dimarzio said she enjoys spending time with her family. She loves to watch her son and step-son play baseball and spend time with her dog.

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