HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – At Harrison Central, they do things “The Huskies Way”. 

It’s about more than what students learn in the classroom. It’s also about how they behave and the people they become. 

Mrs. Becky Agostini has been making sure well-rounded Huskies leave her classroom for the last 10 years.

This “Hometown Hero” makes sure they have a love of learning and do good deeds once the final bell rings for the day.  Her classroom fully embodies “The Huskies Way, mixing a love of learning with an emphasis on positive behavior.

You put the time and effort in and you hope that the kids get something out of it and that they’re going to be successful and that they like they like to learn.

Becky Agostini, 4th Grade Science Teacher, Harrison Central Elementary School

This 4th grade science teacher wants her students to love learning as much as she does. 

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I wanted to become a teacher since I was probably in 2nd or 3rd grade. We had an elementary school at the time in Cadiz called Westgate and that was just a magical place for me.

Actually somebody got in trouble and they were in the corner and I was like ‘I want to do that one day’. And I really thought I wanted to grade papers!

Becky Agostini, 4th Grade Science Teacher, Harrison Central Elementary School

She’s brought a little of that magic to her classroom; creating an environment that’s both active and creative. Mrs. Agostini also emphasizes the importance of reading as a part of science. 

I like that they’re a little bit independent. They’re still sweet and they still love you and they still like coming to school.

Becky Agostini, 4th Grade Science Teacher, Harrison Central Elementary School

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Mrs. Agostini’s a very calm teacher and she’s really really fun and I really like her subjects.

Jax Phillipson, 4th Grade Student

She’s nice, friendly, helpful. If you raise your hand and she’s working on someone else she’ll look and she’ll say she’ll be right there and then after she’s done with that person she’ll come right to you.

Hunter McAfee, 4th Grade Student

She’s helpful. If you have a question, she’ll come right over and answer it. She’s kind. We do fun projects and we do a lot of not just sitting in our seats. We move around a lot.

Emeri Sefsick, 4th Grade Student

Mrs. Agostini also likes to reward positive behavior. 

She collaborated with fellow teachers to create “The Husky Store”. 

Students receive “Husky Bucks” for being responsible, ready and respectful and then can shop the store at the end of the week. 

These students know that in Mrs. Agostini’s classroom good behavior is just as important as good grades. 

I think that’s what education is about. It’s the whole kid, not just education. You have to teach them good character as well.

Becky Agostini, 4th Grade Science Teacher, Harrison Central Elementary School

“The Huskies Way” is especially important to Mrs. Agostini to carry on because she’s a product of Harrison Central. 

The schools just started a new rewards system, giving away t-shirts every week to students who truly follow that motto, going above and beyond with their good deeds. It’s part of an Ohio PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports) initiative that encourages schools to focus on positive behavior instead of negative consequences.

Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Agostini has been married for 12-years. She has a daughter and a son and she volunteers to help with their activities, which keeps her busy!

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