MONROE COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) – An Advanced Placement course might not sound fun to a lot of people, but there’s a classroom at River High School where it actually is. 

Leading the way is Becky Hall. 

She’s been at the school long enough for her class to have a bit of a reputation, but don’t worry it’s a good one that this “Hometown Hero is proud of!

You’re really able to be yourself in there whenever you have a teacher like that and I think it’s essential for all classrooms.

Grady Palmer, Junior

Express yourself, enjoy yourself, but be ready to work!

That’s what to expect inside Ms. Becky Hall’s classroom at River High School. 

She’s been teaching for 38 years, 22 of which were spent at the high school, but Ms. Hall’s love of education dates all the way back to her childhood chalk board. 

I gave spelling tests to my siblings, even though I was the youngest one. My parents were always encouraging us to be teachers. I’m actually from a family of teachers. Of five children, four of us were educators.

Becky Hall, English Language Arts Teacher, River High School

To teach, or not to teach? It’s never been a question.

She was inspired by her 8th grade English teacher and now Ms. Hall teaches a variety of English Language Arts classes, mostly for Juniors and Seniors.

Becky is the consummate professional who knows that it’s the right thing to do to build relationships with students to get them to buy into what they’re doing in the classroom.

Ed Trifonoff, Principal

Everyday I talk to each kid in my class. It doesn’t matter if there are four in there or 30 in there.

Becky Hall, English Language Arts Teacher, River High School

It’s like she’s my friend. It’s really nice. It’s like she’s like family.

Easton Dye, Sophomore

Inside her class, that’s what make Ms. Hall’s students comfortable enough to be themselves through their writing. They know that even with all the inside jokes, they’re still expected to work from bell to bell. 

There’s times where it’s funny and you’re really able to be yourself and then there’s other times where it’s serious and you’re really able to get work done and learn. 

Grady Palmer, Junior

She makes everything so fun and it hardly feels like work. We laugh a lot and it we’re still learning. It’s really fun.

Easton Dye, Sophomore

While each student has their favorite writing exercise or lesson, Ms. Hall likes the classic works of the classroom mascot; none other than Mr. William Shakespeare. 

Most students have a little fear of Shakespeare. They’re not sure how to understand it and so I kind of find it challenging that they end up loving ‘Taming of the Shrew’ and they think it’s funny.

Becky Hall, English Language Arts Teacher, River High School

No matter what, Ms. Hall wants to make sure that each and every member of her class leaves being ready for college. 

I want them to have confidence to go out into the world and become better citizens, a better person.

I also don’t want any student, especially coming from Appalachia, to feel that they cannot compete in an Ivy League world or a private college setting. That they can be successful, because college is expensive and I want them to have the tools to be successful. That’s my thing.

Becky Hall, English Language Arts Teacher, River High School

Ms. Hall actually went to River High School, and so did her son. She laughed when she told 7News that though, because somehow Ms. Hall’s son avoided having her as a teacher all together! 

Outside the classroom, when she’s not spending time with family, Ms. Hall likes to exercise, cook, travel and be involved in community and school activities.