Last year it proved to be an uphill battle competing in the Ohio Valley for the Hundred Hornets

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Hundred did not accomplish a single win last year.

As you can see the team enjoys hitting as they practice on each other. A question may be how does a coach motivate a team who had no success the season prior?

Our motto this year is be the change. These kids really got in the weight room (and) understood what we were trying to do conditioning-wise. They never complained about anything we did in the offseason and they took it to heart. You can see it on the field. They’re glad to be here. They’re not worried about what happened last year. They’re trying to make a difference this year.

D.J. Byrd/Hundred Head Coach

The Hornets are dominantly a young team but it does welcome back four seniors who have started for several years

We got four returning seniors. They’re all 2 or 3 year starters. We got a second team all conference Wide Receiver Mason Dixon. Dylan Rey is a back. Tyler Peters had a strong offseason in the weightroom. Chris Ryan and Price have both been starters for three years on the offensive line for us and we expect a lot out of them even though it’s a small class

D.J. Byrd/Hundred Head Coach

Everybody’s two way and we told them this year everybody’s going to play. Everybody’s going to have their role. That’s why we’ve been in the weightroom, that’s why we’ve been conditioning, that’s why you see them here running the way they’re running. All 20 is going to have to play. It doesn’t matter at some point you’re going to be in the ball game. When they’re trying to find what their role is on this team… And all the kids are happy with what they’re doing

D.J. Byrd/Hundred Head Coach

Hundred’s first game is against Montcalm.