A kind gesture turns into an out pouring of community support.

Wintersville Mayor Mike Petrella wanted to do something nice for the police department for all their hard work. Patrella bought personalized police designed t-Shirts from GRITGEAR Apparel, a local business.

And that turned into another way for GRITGEAR Apparel’s owner, Rich and Sharen Gunther to give back.

They made t-shirts for the public that are for sale in their shop.

There are two shirts to pick from and 25 percent of proceeds are donated back to the Wintersville Police Department.

“Police departments somewhere down the line has gotten bad rap for maybe just a few police officers that aren’t doing things right and that shouldn’t be the narrative for all of them. So we just want to give back what we can and just show our support.”

Rich Gunther – GRITGEAR Apparel Owner

“In today’s society with all the negativity towards police, to have a business owner step up and show support to the police department, I find that huge and awesome.”

Chief Lou Vanderborne – Wintersville Police Department

“It’s awesome to see that. I didn’t think it was going to turn into that but when you got small businesses, that jump in and support our police and we have a great community here, it turns into something great. So, it’s nice that everybody is getting involved.”

Mike Petrella – Wintersville Mayor

If you want to get your hands on one, their shop is located at 419 Cadiz Road in Wintersville or you can get them online at