Wintersville Fire and Rescue were called to multiple brush fires along County Road 33 near the Airport Tuesday evening.

According to their Facebook page, the two brush fires were in the same area as the one from Monday.

Officials say the fires were set since they had two fires at the same time, only 1/2 mile apart.

The post says one of the fires burned a large area and required six fire departments and 10 pieces of a fire apparatus to extinguish it.

They also shut down operations at the airport, so that fire trucks could use the runway to reach the fire.

Officials say that even though it was only brush on fire, it is still arson and the person or persons responsible not only caused damage, but it also put firefighters at risk as they worked to put out the fire.

If you have any information about who may have started the fires, you are urged to contact the fire station at 740-264-4811 and ask to speak to the Fire Chief or Assistant Fire Chief.

They are also asking if anyone saw someone stopped along Fernwood Road (County Road 33) around 6:15 PM Tuesday night.

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