JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — They’re a financial planner, a day-to-day manager, and above anything else, a leader.

A school superintendent doesn’t have an easy set of tasks, but they help lift generations of students up to their potential.

Buckeye Local’s superintendent search is about more than a job posting.

The Jefferson County Educational Service Center says it’s also about assessing their identity as a district…and where they want their commitment to teaching to take them over the next several years.

And it’s not a decision they’re reserving for the board.

They’ve spoken with who they call their stakeholders, which includes teachers, parents, bus drivers and custodians, about what they need from the district.

The attributes of a team player are high on their list.

First of all, they’re looking for someone that’s going to be respectful and accountable, someone that’s going to work well with the area businesses and schools, and work well with the stakeholders within the district, someone that has a strong financial background to make the economic decisions for the schools and work well with the board and the current team in the school district.

Dr. Chuck Kokiko, Superintendent, Jefferson County Educational Service Center

Among the other qualities they’re hoping to find with their search are a focus on extracurriculars and on transparency.

Since many current superintendents are bound by a contract, they’re hoping to make a decision early on in this school year so they’re ready for the next.

The ESC’s website here will get you started if you have a valid Ohio Superintendent’s Certificate License.