UPDATE: Fire officials say two garages, a tailor, and a pile of tires were the reason for the large fire and smoke presence in Jefferson County,

Currently, Kingsdale Rd is blocked off.

Tires are all petroleum based, so you have a lot of heavy black smoke and actually that causes difficulty in extinguishing the fire to. We had a water supply problem. We tried three hydrants here in Pottery and none of them were working, so we had to contact Barium Chemicals and we got on there water supply and was able to establish a water supply that way.

Chief Bill Scheel, Toronto Fire Department

Toronto Fire Chief Bill Scheel said if you see smoke or are currently around smoke from the fire, you should head indoors.

Officials say there are no injuries from the Jefferson County fire.

They also told 7News it was a welding and fabricating shop that caught fire.

Crews are on the scene still battling hot spots.

A fire has broken out in Pottery Addition, Jefferson County.

The fire is off the first exit on Route 7 towards East Liverpool on Kingsdale Rd.

No injuries have been reported at this time.

Pottery Addition, Mingo, Steubenville, Pleasent Hill, Knoxville, and Wintersville Fire and TEMS Ambulance Service are on the scene.

7News is on the scene, working on getting details.