The 4th of July is a fun time for humans but not so much for pets!

As celebrations start this weekend some pet owners could be facing a real challenge.

The bang of the fireworks can send some dogs into a panic.

It actually triggers their nervous systems.

And their number one survival instinct is to run away.

Jefferson County Human Society officials say this is a busy time for them as cases of dogs running away from home happen over the Fourth of July holiday, but their are a few things to try after talking with your vet.

“Turn on a fan, create white noise, turn the TV up pretty loud, turn some music on, try to drown out that noise and keep your pet in a nice secure area so they feel safe.”

Brandi DeNoon-Damewood – JCHS Marketing Manager

If your dog doesn’t react well to fireworks, keeping them in a calm place away from the flashes and bangs is a good solution this holiday weekend.