Steubenville, OH (WTRF)- Several dozens of college students are standing up for the right to life, but not all by themselves.

They say they’re there with the unborn children and their mothers in what they call a chain of life.

But it’s the first time the Franciscan University has stood up for pro-life in this way, and organizers say it’s had a good turn out. Just not as many participants took a part.

“It’s a really, really, really different year for us.”

matt Murphy, Franciscan University’s Students for Life club president

But Franciscan University students didn’t want this year to pass them by without standing up for what they believe in.

“We have a lot of support from the pro-life movement on campus, and we wanted to keep students engaged.”

matt Murphy, Franciscan University’s Students for Life club president

With COVID, the hundreds of Franciscan students that usually go to DC for the national March for Life can’t. It was a tradition for the University that goes back generations, but the March for life is all virtual this year.

Instead of going to DC, they let their voices be known here.

“Abortion is one of the greatest evils that this country faces, and we wanted to bring the pro-life message to Steubenville.”

matt Murphy, Franciscan University’s Students for Life club president

Alongside Franciscan University’s Students for Life club president Matt Murphy are other students, faculty, and community members. Some are standing up against abortion for the first time, like freshman Gabriella Delatorre.

“We are here to support life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death… To remind people it’s beautiful, it’s good, it’s necessary.”

Gabriella Delatorre, Franciscan University freshman

While others are taking a part in it again this year to stand up like they always have in DC.

“Us as a country, we need to find a way where both a mother and child can be loved and be able to take care of them…even for people who are in need and not ready for pregnancy.”

jeremy Shafer, Franciscan University junior

“Just to remind people that there’s a whole population that justice is being denied, right? Because a baby can’t speak for himself or herself. They’re justice is being denied. They’re fundamental justice of the right to life.”

father Dave Pivonka, president of Franciscan University

Organizers believes the event got a positive reaction from the people driving by — as they HEARD several people honking.