JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) Hood Knocking season will soon be upon us.

As the weather gets colder cats will be seeking the warmth of anything and one dangerous thing they do is a car engine.

So to help save the lives and limbs of those animals just trying to get warm, all you have to do is knock on the hood of your car before you start it up.

Jefferson County Humane Society, Development Manager, Brandi DeNoon-Damewood says they have already had a cat come in this season with an amputation after getting their paw stuck in the engine.

“When you knock on the hood of your car it alerts the cat that hey time to wake up, you need to get moving because you know something is going to happen. So it scares the cat enough for them to flee the vehicle and then you can safety turn it on and off you go without even knowing there was a cat inside the hood of your car.”

Brandi DeNoon-Damewood – Development Manager JCHS

Again, a simple task is just knocking on your car’s hood before turning it on.

This wakes the cat and tells it it’s time to move along.
And it saves lives and limbs.

DeNoon-Damewood says this is just a safe practice people can get in the habit of doing during the colder months.