Indian Creek Middle School 5th grade students donated $1,800 to the Jefferson County Humane Society.

It was all a part of a project they did called Market Day where they created a product to sell.

They leaned important life skills like banking, how to run a business, advertising, marketing to name a few and most importantly how to give back to their community.

One of the 5th graders is also a volunteer at the shelter and says it meant so much to her to be able to see their classes hard work go towards a great cause.

“To find out that we have students already doing volunteer work when it’s not required or requested by the school, to know that they’re giving their time is just so amazing; it shows the spirit of our kids at Indian Creek.”

Holly Minch-Hick – ICMS Principal & Alexis Dylewski – 5th Grade Volunteer

“It really means a lot to Jefferson County Humane Society to get the donation from the school and the kids. It helps with so many programs that we have here. It does show their empathy that the kids and the community have towards animals and animal issues.”

Jill Walters – JCHS Volunteer Coordinator

“It was fun, it was a lot of lightbulb moments where we saw they made the connections like, oh this is what it means to balance a checkbook, or all this is what economy means. In doing so they not only learn what all that means but they used to do something for their community that always supports them.”

Jaime McCumbers – 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher

If you would like to volunteer at the shelter like Alexis does you can call 740-314-5583.