STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – Whether it’s painting, cleaning the deck…or filling a wheelbarrow with leaves and branches, owning a home means lots and lots of yardwork.

But that necessary weekend upkeep isn’t easy—or even possible—to accomplish for many of us during the sweltering summer.

That’s where more than 300 teens from the Catholic Heart Work Camp come in—who are all ready to pick up their brushes.

Director Bobbyjon Bauman says the kids come here as part of the national organization, but his Sycamore Youth Center had to figure out their jobs.

It takes about three months to put together the 98 work orders that we put together of homes they’re working on in and throughout Steubenville.

Bobbyjon Bauman, Director, Catholic Heart Work Camp

After asking around at social agencies and senior centers, they lined up five days’ worth of work—and their volunteers flew in from all over just to give Steubenville a leg up on its home projects.

Right now we’re painting, we’ve just done a lot of stuff, we’ve got a bunch of vines off the garage and then painted that, painted an interior of a garage.

Karly Gallaher, Illinois

They’ve been staying at Catholic Central High School since Sunday, and they aren’t just getting their hands dirty.

They spend the evenings learning discipleship training.

I’ve been getting calls all week from different residents who have just been saying they’ve been blown away, just the love that the kids have shown them.

Bobbyjon Bauman, Director, Catholic Heart Work Camp

Five students are assigned to each home, along with two adult volunteers, who show them the basics on landscaping and minor home repairs.

They’re then let loose and make short work of whatever task they’re put to.

The work that they’ve accomplished in just a few hours would have taken us days and days.

Amanda Miller, Homeowner

Once their final day tomorrow is complete, they’ll walk away from dozens of fixed-up homes —beautified by the compassion and charity of devoting just a little bit of time to others.

I just feel like it’s a time to get away and you feel like you’re helping God out in a way too.

Karly Gallaher, Illinois

Their good deeds won’t go unnoticed either.

They’re holding a community day tomorrow night to show the residents of the homes what five days of committed teens can accomplish.