STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — It’s stood for 118 years and helped create a Northern Panhandle economy…but it may be time for it to go.

The Jefferson County Commission signed a letter of support Thursday for West Virginia to replace the Market Street Bridge.

It follows news that the Federal Highway Administration is investing in replacing a bridge in every state.

And with its advanced age…the span connecting Follansbee and Steubenville is number one on West Virginia’s list.

The Brooke Hancock Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission says there’s no need to worry if you drive over it, since it’s inspected every three months.

“It’s inspected every three months. Somebody is walking there. Somebody is looking, they know where to look. There’s critical parts that they’re measuring.”

Michael Paprocki, Executive Director, Brooke Hancock Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission

“At one point in time there were three bridges that were in this small area, now we’re down to two and looking at possibly down to one, of course the new bridge in Brilliant will help that situation.”

Dave Maple, Jefferson County Commission Chair

The replacement also has support from officials in Follansbee, Steubenville, and Brooke and Hancock Counties.

Since the bridge is 100 percent owned by West Virginia, Paprocki says Steubenville won’t have a say in the decision.