A new county wide phone system is in the works for Jefferson County.

Their current system is outdated and commissioners were told by the auditor’s office that the expenses continue to rise for their current system.

So to try to keep those costs down they decided to look into a new system.

Thursday OME-RESA pitched their phone system and showcased what makes their system so unique and high tech.

Commissioner Dave Maple says these phones are an important tool for the employees in the county and ultimately the citizens.

“There are some areas where I am sure people call and they don’t get an answer, or they have to wait for someone to call them back and I’m not positive this will solve all those sort of communication problems but on boarding new employees, forwarding calls, getting people to the right area, this all seems like it’ll be a good improvement.”

Dave Maple – Commissioner Jefferson County

They are still going to hear a few more pitches before they make a decision.

Maple says if they do make a change they expect to do it in the first quarter.