A monthly roundtable meeting is geared to keep kids safe from sexual and physical abuse in Jefferson County.

The Jefferson County Multidisciplinary Team discusses any physical or sexual assault cases involving young kids in the county.

The team includes local law enforcement, children services, mental health officials and county prosecutors.

They compile a case list, discuss it, and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Along with making sure every child and family is getting all the resources and things that they need.

“Every case is different and every case we can learn some thing and a lot of the times when we’re at these meetings and we’re discussing the cases a lot of people will say wow I never thought of that or something like that so it’s used for the next case and just the people of Jefferson County to know that there are people who care.”

Taylor Norman – ACP Lead Child and Family Advocate, Forensic Interviewer

“All networking, all talking about the cases that are current at the advocacy centers, so we can stay on top of them and realized to make sure none of them fall through the cracks. It’s important that we have that, we do this once a month, just simply like I said the networking that we have is what’s important.”

Captain Sean Norman – Wells Township Police

Officials say the best part is getting justice for that child and putting the bad guys away.

The meetings are every third Wednesday of the month, but it is a closed meeting since what they discuss is confidential.