Today in Jefferson County, Big Red and JVS students held a mock trail as part of their Law Day.
Students took over the roles of attorneys, witnesses and professional speakers.

It was broken up into two groups, and they each presented a case before Judge Michelle Miller, David D’Apolito, Gene Donofrio, Frank Noble Jr., Lisa Ferguson and Michael Bednar.

Officials say regardless, if the students wish to become judges or lawyers, the skills they learn during mock trial are important to have for life.

“What I want people to get out of this is you can have differences, you can settle in a court of law and not settled in a manor that is violent, and I’m hoping students today got that idea.”

Eric Reszke – Bar Association President

“They can experience a courtroom setting because that’s where laws are made. Not too many parties have the ability or the money to appeal. So it’s important that they understand what happens in a trial setting.”

David Scarpone – Law Day Director

At the end of the mock trial officials gave out the Community Legal Service Award to Ardis Stein.