JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — It’s a condition with intense pain and no cure…and Jefferson County is taking a stand to fight it.

Thursday morning the County Commission announced the courthouse will be lit up for Color the World Orange Day on November 6th.

The worldwide awareness event is for sufferers of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, where the body’s nerves misfire and overreact to physical trauma.

Local resident Dawn Pahides contracted it after tearing her Achilles’ tendon in 2011 and still feels the effects today.

She says it can spread to the rest of the body as well…and can begin with the most minor of injuries.

“A papercut. A sprain. Twisted ankle. Surgeries. A routine surgery. Getting an IV. Blood work.”

Daisy Luyster, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome advocate

“Unfortunately as it stands now, you don’t know until you have it. And I’d like to change that.”

Dawn Pahides, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome advocate

She says the earlier the syndrome is caught, the better the chance of remission…which has led her to advocate for other patients for over a decade.