It’s an animal abuse case in Jefferson County that gave three animals a brand new life.

Cases like these are the best possible outcome.
Most of the animals were saved and the owner was charged.

The Jefferson County Humane Society received the call they never like to hear.
In February, a caller said animals were abandoned in a home for at least two weeks.
After hanging up the phone, a Humane Agent went to the house right away.

“He was able to get the search warrant and then go in and save the animals. Now in total there were two dogs, a cat, and there was a deceased turtle and a deceased snake.”

Brandi DeNoon-Damewood – JCHS Marketing and Outreach Manager

There was no food, no running water, it was cold and the home was in deplorable conditions as Chief Humane Agent Justin Barbetta describes.

“Makes you feel real good to be able to do something for them since they can’t say anything so when people do call we’re able to get in there, help them in any way we can if we need to. Get them out of the house with us, get them some medical care, some food, get them to a loving home.”

Justin Barbetta – Chief Humane Agent

Justice was served for Fawna, Scooter, Cleveland and the other two animals that died… the owner was sentenced to jail time, probation, community service and will not be allowed to own any animals for at least five years.

Fawna was actually pregnant, and gave birth to three beautiful puppies.

“Because somebody cared and somebody called, she’s here now and she was able to have her babies and everyone is healthy and to us this is a happily ever after.”

Brandi DeNoon-Damewood – JCHS Marketing and Outreach Manager

Now Fawna, Scooter, and Cleveland are all still looking for their forever home!
If you like to adopt them you can stop in or call the shelter at 740-314-5583.