Jefferson County officials have a new way to try and end an all too common problem.
Wednesday was the first meeting of the overdose fatality review committee.

It’s made up of key community members, like law enforcement, the coroner’s office, the Health Department, and local prevention and recovery boards.

Working together toward the common goal, is the mission for the first of its kind group in Jefferson County.
Officials are trying to take action to help stop overdoes in the area.

“Find those areas of Jefferson County where the overdoses are happening, what types of drugs are they and how can we come up with recommendations to to reduce harm in Jefferson County.”

Andrew Henry – Jefferson County Health Commissioner

Henry says he knows the number will never go down to zero but the important part is addressing the issues.

“If we can save a life and make this Jefferson County and more livable place for our county residence than that’s our goal.”

Andrew Henry – Jefferson County Health Commissioner

They had 31 confirmed overdose fatalities in the county in 2021 alone.
Henry says they want to be more proactive than reactive in the future, which takes time.

“You can’t just say we’re gonna do this and wish it to happen you actually have to meet come up with real active goals and achieve those goals.”

Andrew Henry – Jefferson County Health Commissioner

These meetings will be able to show which parts of Jefferson County the overdoses are happening in.
They also hope to add more key members of the community as the committee grows.