A local police officer and child advocate is in the spotlight.

He was awarded the title of Champion for Children for all the great work he has done for kids in his community.

“I was surprised by it, certainly humbled by it. We don’t do these things to get recognition.”

Captain Sean Norman – 2022 VidyNyx Champion for Children

Captain Sean Norman was chosen as the 2022 Champion For Children by VidaNyx.

It’s a mission driven technology company, that started to make sure, child interviews follow incidents of abuse or trauma.

Timing of this has to be quick because these interviews are crucial to cases.

“We get the privilege to support right now over 30,000 professionals from various disciplines who are doing great work to try to provide Justice and healing to survivors of trauma and we really wanted to honor the incredible people that we get the privilege to work with day it and day out.”

Sara Boyd – CEO VidaNyx

Captain Norman was nominated for his work as a police officer, his support of A Caring Place, he volunteers his time coaching multiple girls softball teams, is the local D.A.R.E. officer for schools, and all he does for kids through the Wells Township Haunted House.

“He just showed up in the pool of nominees as someone who is just so constitutionally aligned as a human to do things without asking for anything in exchange to better children’s lives and so that’s what was so exceptionally compelling about him.”

Sara Boyd – CEO VidaNyx

The Haunted House proceeds provide scholarships to volunteers who are heading off to college or for high schoolers to attend various activities, such as band camps and athletic programs.

But he says he wouldn’t be able to do any of it without the support of others.

“I’m surrounded by great people I really truly am and when I say surrounded by great people I mean hundreds of them. Whether it be here at the station, whether it be at the schools with the principal and staff at the schools, whether it be at the haunted house and staff down there, the coaches, I’ve been very fortunate to be around great people.

Captain Sean Norman – 2022 VidyNyx Champion for Children

If you know someone that goes above and beyond for the children in their community you can nominate them by emailing