JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — Following the school shooting that took place in Nashville, Buckeye Local School District already had a Stop the Bleed and ALICE training in place for Wednesday.

School officials say with what happened in Nashville today’s training is even more important.

The training was for the district’s staff. Students had their training a few weeks ago.

Superintendent Scott Celestin says what happened in Nashville can happen anywhere and making sure they have the skills and equipment to ensure their students security is their number one priority.

We always tell everybody, you can’t say you know it’s not going to happen here. The reason we’re doing this with a staff as well is because you know we always focus on the students and their safety, the staff is important as well we need to focus on their safety. Every time you see one of these shootings, there are staff members that are killed as well, so.”

Scott Celestin – Superintendent Buckeye Local Schools

I have two young boys at home so the thought that they have to go through these types of trainings just to get an education, I mean, that puts a lot of things in to perspective. You know we want to make sure the students of Buckeye Local are safe and that the high school is a welcoming place that they feel that they’re are going to go home from. 

Lucas Parsons – Buckeye Local High School Principal

These trainings are a part of the half a million dollar security funds that Buckeye Local Schools received, to upgrade their security measures.