WELLS TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WTRF) – If you’re a fan of Halloween and you love a good scare, here’s some good news.

One of the area’s top haunted attractions is set to open next week.

The Wells Township Haunted House will welcome visitors starting Friday, September 25.

Due to concerns over COVID-19, there will be a number of social distancing guidelines that both staff and visitors will need to follow.

Masks will also be required for all visitors.

Group sizes touring the house will be smaller, and there will be limited contact with staff members.

We have increased the amount of animation that we will deploy this year, to replace actors so there is less in person contact. We have always been known as a touch haunted house. We will limit most of that. There will be some times that that will have to happen for safety aspects.

As most of our fans know we do some crazy things in there. We are still going to be crazy. We are still going to put on the greatest show that we can, but we also want to make sure we are being safe.

Sean Norman, Director, Wells Township Haunted House

Norman also said staff will be continuously working behind the scenes to disinfect high touch areas within the house.

For more information about the Wells Township Haunted House, click here.