JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — In a story that is too horrific for even the movies, one dog has survived against all odds, according to the Jefferson County Human Society and Animal Shelter’s Facebook post.

Jett, a Labrador mix, has survived a horrific tragedy, but still has a long road of recovery ahead of him.

It is speculated that for three weeks Jett was tied up outside without shelter, food, or fresh water. Neighbors and passersby thought he was outside to relieve himself, but this was not the case.

He had no choice but to sit out there, day after day – through pouring rain and thunderstorms, waiting to be let inside.

Hours turned to days, and days into weeks, and Jett stayed where he was tied up. No shelter, no food, no water, Jett was forced to fight for his life.

In an effort to save himself, Jett broke free, but in the process he tore through layers of his own flesh. The wound circumferences his entire neck.

Where is justice for Jett, many will ask? But the tragic story does not end there. Jett was not abandoned, his owner was found in his residence deceased, and was not alone. Also in the home were two other dogs, a cat and three birds. Sadly one of the birds had perished before help arrived.

Jett’s wound is 3-4″ deep and 2″ wide and goes all around his neck. When he was discovered he was emaciated and all of his neck muscles were exposed and completely covered with maggots. The veterinarian at the Jefferson County Humane Society said that she had never seen an animal alive with so many maggots.

Jett and his companions are now housed with the Jefferson County Humane Society (JCHS) and the Jefferson County Animal Shelter (JCAS). He is undergoing laser therapy at the clinic, but his wound will take a long time to heal. He is also undergoing pain management and infection control to keep him alive and comfortable.

He does not know where he is, why he is there, or what he did to get there. He is sad and quietly whimpers and cries all day and all night. You can see the anguish in his eyes, and the heartache he carries with him.

The Jefferson County Humane Society and Jefferson County Animal Shelter is reaching out to the community for help. They are asking for not only donations to help with the cost of recovery, but to keep him and his companions in your thoughts during this confusing and difficult time.

In only 16 hours they have been able to raise $1468 from the help of generous and benevolent donors.

Donations can be made by contacting the Humane Operations Department at 740-314-5583 or by clicking here.