A drug bust in Steubenville led police to find what they are calling a grocery store of drugs.

Now Jefferson County officials are warning parents about the packaging of marijuana.

The drug, what they call edibles, look like candy and the packaging appeals to kids.

Some look like Jolly Ranchers, and gummy worms could be harmful to kids if they were to get their hands on it.

“My biggest concern is the marketing, and that parents possibly don’t know, you look at these type of things your left kid could have this in their room. You’ve got to read closely to see if they’re marijuana-infused. There’s vapes, there’s drinks, there’s gummies, there’s cookies, lemonhead type things but they’re all marijuana-infused. Parents certainly ought to know what their kids might possibly be using.”

Capt. John Lemal – Jefferson County Drug Task Force

If you see these marijuana-infused gummies in your home, you are urged to contact local law enforcement.