An Ohio couple entered not guilty pleas after they allegedly burned a 3-year-old with scalding hot water.

Michael Kenneth Kirk and Ashlee Nicole Rea were in court on Wednesday where their bond was set to $100,000.

Kirk and Rea are to have no contact to the alleged victim.

It’s alleged that Kirk had scalded the 3-year-old with water on March 2nd causing the toddler to have 2nd and 3rd degree burns that they failed to take to medical treatment.

Authorities said the toddler suffered burns “all along his buttocks, second-and third-degree burns.”

Kirk, 35, was indicted on two felony counts of endangering children and two felony counts of possession of drugs.

Rea, the child’s mother, was indicted on a single felony count of endangering children.

The indictment also alleges Kirk had methamphetamine and fentanyl in his possession on March 16.