A man in Ohio was arrested after he was driving the wrong way on a state road.

Officials say around 4:00 AM Wednesday they received a call that a motorist was traveling Southbound the wrong way in the North Bound lanes on State Route 7 in Jefferson County.

The driver struck a truck while driving the wrong way and the Ohio State Highway Patrol was dispatched.

When OSHP got to the scene of the crash, and started assessing the scene, officials say the driver took off on foot and jumped off a 75 foot hill.

A local deputy and state trooper ran after the suspect and got stuck at the bottom of the hill after they arrested the suspect.

Mingo Fire Department was called along with the Urban search and rescue (USAR) team to get the suspect and the two officials from the bottom of the hill.

The trooper and deputy were rescued by a harness the suspect was rescued in a stoke basket.

The suspect, who’s name was not given at this time, was taken to a local hospital.

His injuries are also unknown at this time.

Official charges have not been made.

OSHP is investigating the crash.