JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — Do you run it until it’s no longer functional, or do you sink money into the repairs? 

Energy Harbor just announced the pending closure of its W.H. Sammis Power Plant in Stratton with a goal to be carbon free by 2023, but an Ohio senator doesn’t buy that excuse. 

District 30 Senator Frank Hoagland (R) remembers three years ago when the Sammis Plant initially planned to close. 

He says they struck a deal to stay open and publicly announced their intention to do so. 

So, the news of a potential closure is disappointing to lawmakers who have family employed at the site.

“When I watch these folks make these decisions…You said carbons? It’s money. Come on, let’s be real about it,” said Hoagland.

“It’s money. It’s some of the regulatory aspects. That, when you let a government become your first obstacle towards success, well then you’re going to find failure,” the senator said.

Hoagland doesn’t want the plant to close but if it does, he says, “put it in mothballs,” instead of selling out the pieces, so this critical industry can be utilized down the road.