More details have come to light after a party occurred in Jefferson County, Ohio.

19-year-old Skyler Miller of Steubenville died Sunday morning after a shot to the head from a revolver.

Police say that Miller was at a party when a game of Russian roulette broke out while participants were drinking.

Officials believe the shooting was accidental and no one meant to kill anyone. There is currently no evidence of a fight or argument before the shooting.

A juvenile was arrested and charged with reckless homicide with a firearm specification. The name of the juvenile has not been released.

The juvenile is currently being held in the Jefferson county jail in the juvenile detention section.

Police confirmed that Matthew Lumpkin, 18, was charged with tampering with evidence for allegedly removing the weapon from the scene before police could arrive.

Other charges could still be filed against both parties.

Miller was pronounced dead at Trinity Medical Center West.