WELLS TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WTRF) A bill that could change the minimum age of becoming a police officer passed the Ohio Statehouse this week.

Ohio lawmakers say this bill would lower the age from 21 to 18.

Locally we got reactions from a local sheriff’s Office and police department to get their take on the potential new bill.

Even though some police agencies might not want to change their hiring practices, some here at home think only good things can come from lowering it.

“It’s good that we are looking at the age requirements to be law enforcement. You know I think we’re missing a lot of young men and women that come fresh out of high school at the age of 18 so I think if they can change it to 18 it might give our vocational schools a chance.”

Sheriff Joe Myers – Harrison County Sheriff’s Office

“When I was just a young guy and there were 279 men and women there to take the test, now these same cities are having a problem getting two, three even more then five candidates to take their test. So we’re in the middle of a crisis and it’s good to see the state is moving on that to try to help eliminate some of those problems.”

Chief Sean Norman – Wells Township Police Department

The next step for Senate Bill 53 includes house approval and Governor Mike DeWine’s signature.

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