Wintersville has a new business just in time to wash all those winter blues away, literally.

They just opened Wash-Rite Express Car Wash.

It’s a brand new unlimited car wash right on Cadiz Road BUT this isn’t your typical car wash…everything you could possibly need is right on site.

You can drive through the wash, sweep out your car, and even scrub your carpet and rubber mats.

You get all that for one price.

7News took a trip through the wash tunnel with Wintersville Captain Jason Fabian.

“I think what makes us unique is our customer service. We’re there for our customers from the beginning to the end. We believe highly on first impressions, and last impressions, so we make sure we’re there the entire step of the way to answer questions and help you along the best we can.”

Frank Deoring – Owner

You also get a air freshener for your car every time you come.

They are offering a special deal for their grand opening and the spring season.

For all the details head on over to their website wash-rite