BRILLIANT, Ohio (WTRF) – Wells Township Police say they arrested a woman for allegedly using drugs at a local park.

Amber Folda from Brilliant was caught on surveillance video using a hypodermic needle at the pavilion at the South End Park Tuesday night around 9:30.

Police saw the video this morning and issued a warrant for her arrest.

Since Folda was on probation, the officer was able to search her room and police say they found stolen property from a previous break in.

Folda later turned herself in.

She is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence, and receiving stolen property.

Wells Township Police say they will not tolerate drug use.

“We got a great Township here, it’s really nice lot of nice people live here but unfortunately, we got some dirtbags, here’s one of them on camera shooting up at the town park. I mean kids go down there, families have reunions down there, they rent that park out. It’s a nice place, it’s a nice park right there by the pool but I think people are naïve, we got that mindset that it can’t happen here, well here it is in Brilliant Ohio.

Captain Sean Norman – Wells Township Police Department

Folda was taken to the Jefferson County Jail.

Child Protective Services was also called in due to deplorable conditions of the home where she was living.