Chaos Divers were successful in one of their cases.

Two vehicles were pulled out of the Ohio River.

The first was a Lincoln Navigator and the second an F-250.

Jefferson County officials ran the VIN number and confirmed it is in fact the truck that belonged to Charles Hanlon.

Hanlon was reported missing from Bloomingdale in 1999.

He allegedly left his home in his black Ford extended cab pickup truck. He was en route to Florida to pick up a motorcycle.

He was never heard from again.

Sheriff Fred Abdalla says being able to give some small piece of information to his family means everything.

“The happiest moment last night was being able to call that family and let them know that was in fact that vehicle and their gut was telling them that that was it. So we were fortunate.”

Sheriff Fred Abdalla Jr. – Jefferson County

BCI is handling the forensic investigation of the truck.

Officials say the Lincoln Navigator was linked to an insurance claim.

Both vehicles that were found are under investigation.