An EMS contract is causing some unrest in a local township.

Soon residents of Island Creek Township might not have service from the Toronto EMS Joint Ambulance District.

The trustees reduced the rate from years past and the Toronto EMS Joint Ambulance District says that isn’t right and they have the statistics to prove they make a difference on calls in that area.

They have been back a forth on a new contract that both parties can agree on.

We’ve been assisting with coverage with the eastern portion of the township for some time now. We have a history of probably four decades of providing service to the residents. We felt we provided an excellent service to those citizens that are going to be in need.

Chief Clark Crago – TEMS Joint Ambulance District

TEMS officials say the Trustees have until midnight on April 30th to come to an agreement.

We reached out to the Board of Trustees and they say they are in negotiations with TEMS and have no further comment at this time.