The Steubenville Fire Department unveiled their brand new ambulance.

Aside from the bright new red color.. this new rig has additional features.

This ambulance will be the 4th one in the fleet.

Chief Carlo Capaldi says t’s been three years since the inception of the EMS component and they are running an average of 4,000 calls a year– which is more than 12,000 since it’s inception.

He said that alone shows the need for EMS in the community and the need for the updated equipment to do the job.

“In the whole county EMS is very important to provide people with transportation to the hospital. There’s a need for the service and our department. I think in the three years we’ve been doing it have been have been filling that need pretty well. Yes, it’s important to have the vehicles and the equipment to do it in the way you need to.

Chief Carlo Capaldi – Steubenville Fire Department

Chief Capaldi says they already have their fifth and final rig ordered, and it will be here in 2025.