Steubenville, Ohio (WTRF) – It started as a plan to vacation on the beach.

But Matt Tomich didn’t know his extra vacation time would turn into a mission with a global impact.

The Steubenville oil and gas worker says he was inspired to help Ukraine after seeing a national news
report out of Lviv—and didn’t want to just give money.

I felt like that might not be enough. We’ve all clicked a donation page, and I
wanted to do more with my time.

Matt Tomich, Donated 200 tourniquets to Ukraine

The report featured a doctor who explained there weren’t enough tourniquets to go around.

They needed 200 a day, but were only able to give 5 at a time.

So he knew what he had to do.

Rather than let someone else do the work, he shipped in the supplies himself.

The following morning, I ordered 200 of them overnighted from North American Rescue

Matt Tomich, Donated 200 tourniquets to Ukraine

After flying to Krakow, Poland, he rented a car and drove to the border with the invasion-wracked

Armed with a document reading ‘I have 200 medical tourniquets to donate,’ he showed it to an aid station
who was overjoyed to get the surprise delivery.

In broken English he told me ‘we’re happy to get them,’ and he carried the two pieces of luggage through a Polish army compound to a Ukraine aid area and handed them off to Ukrainians. And they were grateful, nearly tears in their eyes.

Matt Tomich, Donated 200 tourniquets to Ukraine

He’s set up a GoFundMe to cover the $4800 the tourniquets cost, with any amount over that going to
Alight, an American humanitarian foundation he spoke with while there.

He hopes they won’t need his donation, but he’s afraid they will.

You don’t have a lot of time, it’s not a guarantee that you won’t die, but it gives you a chance. And I do feel proud that I gave 200 people maybe 15 more minutes.

Matt Tomich, Donated 200 tourniquets to Ukraine

Tomich says the pictures of leveled homes and lost loved ones he saw gave him perspective.

And in an increasingly virtual world, he’s happy his time and talents could be put to such incredible
use on the ground.

If a mid-30s bachelor’s not willing to take it over there, then who will be?

Matt Tomich, Donated 200 tourniquets to Ukraine

You can help Matt reach his goal here.